Buy local whenever you can.  You will support local farmers in your area and enjoy fresh, seasonal variations in your meals. 



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All Vegan, All Natural, All Good

Dee's All Natural was established to teach all Foodies that Vegan and Vegetarian can be "good to you and good for you"!   Most people think that eating and making good, fresh food is hard to do.  Just the opposite!  With all of the local Farmer's Markets, and the push in local grocers to sell more organic produce, consumers can find the freshest foods just a corner market away!  Dee's All Natural shows you how to take the tasty comfort foods that Mom and Grandma used to make, and serve them up healthy and tasty.  Our cooking classes and cookbooks will show you how to make quick, easy meals that your family will love and you will prepare over and over again.  We believe that the kitchen is a great place to make healthy lifestyle changes.  You should then share with family and friends the reasons why you want to or have changed your food choices. This will cause a ripple effect that can help save ourselves, our family, our planet!

Vegan Comfort Food would like for you to experience all of your favorite foods that Mom and Grandma used to make and we enjoyed so much, only Vegan.  We know that you will see that the taste and mouth-feel have not been diminished for the sake of vegan.

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